Nvidia Control Panel Triple Buffering

Nvidia Control Panel Triple Buffering. Inside the settings, find triple buffering and make sure to enable it. It's a night and day difference.

For people getting weird stuttering with Vsync on. titanfall
For people getting weird stuttering with Vsync on. titanfall from www.reddit.com

Inside the menu, go to 3d settings and then manage 3d settings. Personally i always disable ingame vsync (and triple buffering) and enable vsync in nvidia control panel. The gtx 1070 is a great graphics card for any gamer, but it can be made even better with the right settings.

With Dx10+, Triple Buffering Is Supposed To Be Set By The Game Itself, Rather Than The Driver.

60hz = 60fps, 30fps, 20fps, etc). Open nvidia control panel first of all. The nvidia control panel switch/setting only controls opengl triple buffering.

This Is Because Triple Buffering Doesn't Work With The Type Of Rendering Used In Those Setups.

Disable all vertical sync, triple buffering, and any frame buffering in the actual in game setting. Triple buffering cannot be used with sli or crossfire (dual card) systems. I've remember some some instances on a vega 64, where it fails to work at certain video card settings or framerates and suddenly drops you down to half the monitor's refresh rate in fps when it shouldn't, but only if total fps dropped down too far.

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Some people have gotten it to work in sli, however, by forcing split frame rendering in the nvidia control panel under 3d settings. Others prefer to completely turn off vsync and limit the fps to just a little bit under 120 fps. Turn on vsync in the nvidia control panel.

A Classic Symptom Of Double Buffered Vsync.

You are correct in the fact that triple buffering does not work in direct x games. Enabling triple buffering will help to eliminate any lag or stuttering you may experience while playing. In order to use triple buffering in direct x games, you need to use nvidia's fast sync.

But I’m Going To Cut A Very Lengthy Post Of Variable Timing, Frame Pacing, Frame Buffering, Etc.

The thing is, in world of warcraft, there is an ingame setting for triple buffering, and the nvidia control panel does not have an application controlled setting for triple buffering. It's a night and day difference. Triple buffering is actually working in that case (independent of the nvidia control panel setting.

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