Intel Iris Graphics Vs Nvidia Geforce Mx330

Intel Iris Graphics Vs Nvidia Geforce Mx330. Around 23% higher boost clock speed: 38.26 gtexel/s vs 55.2 gtexel / s.

Iris X Max Vs Mx350 IRSAUS
Iris X Max Vs Mx350 IRSAUS from

2020 intel iris plus igpu. 5658 (100 %) nvidia geforce mx330. 693.1x more texture fill rate:

3678.8X More Texture Fill Rate:

Use the table to the left to compare both gpus, the advantages and disadvantages of each are shown. 38.26 gtexel/s vs 10.4 gtexel / s. 5658 (100 %) nvidia geforce mx330.

Launch Date 7 Month (S) Later.

Tiger lake cpu (g7 series) will have 96 and 80 xe. Rocket lake cpu will have 32 and 24 xe. Around 39% higher boost clock speed:

Nvidia Geforce Mx330 Vs Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7.

Reasons to consider the nvidia geforce mx330. Around 39% higher boost clock speed: Around 50% lower typical power consumption:

5.1X More Core Clock Speed:

Graphics cards memory plays important role both in gaming and in applications for graphics. 7.7x more core clock speed: You can find out more about the nvidia geforce mx330 here.

Today We Are Putting The Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 Vs The Nvidia Geforce Mx330 To See If An Igpu Can Match The Discrete Gpus.

The limitation is the directx 11 does not have it native but anyway the games i can play are gta iv 720p high / medium graphics, gta v 720p low, minecraft 1920×1080 medium. Based on 117,089 user benchmarks for the intel iris xe and the nvidia geforce gt 330m, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 681 gpus. Comparison between intel iris graphics and nvidia geforce mx330 with the specifications of the graphics cards, the number of execution units, shading units, cache memory, also the performance in benchmark platforms such as geekbench or antutu.

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