How To Mount Cisco Access Point

How To Mount Cisco Access Point. To mount an access point to a network box or an electrical box, do the following: The mounting brackets and ceiling rails easily handle the extra weight and the intent was to make a very robust access point without the need for vent holes and to allow the product to be used in industrial and manufacturing areas as well as commercial enterprise environments.

New Cisco 8002606602 Wireless Access Point Ceiling Mounting
New Cisco 8002606602 Wireless Access Point Ceiling Mounting from

Mounting the access point on a pole. Breket original access point cisco: Fasten the ap to the bracket using the m2 x 5.5mm torx security screw.

Mounting An Access Point To A Network Or Electrical Box.

Cisco aironet access point is one of the access point product series from cisco which has many modern features in it such as supporting 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (wave 2) wifi signals, compact, easy to install on the wall or ceiling. You can use the mounting bracket as a template to mark the positions of the mounting holes for your Cisco lightweight access points use the ietf standard control and provisioning.

Cisco Aironet 2600 Series Access Points Can Be Mounted In Several Configurations, Including On A Suspended Ceiling, On A Hard Ceiling Or Wall, On An Electrical Or Network Box, And Above A Suspended Ceiling.

To mount an access point to a network box or an electrical box, do the following: Click this url to browse to complete access point mounting instructions: An enter network password screen appears.

Mounting The Access Point On A Pole;

What is a cisco aironet access point? Remove a ceiling tile adjacent to the mounting location. Use the access point mounting holes as a template, and mark them at the mounting location.

Access Points With Integrated Antennas Perform Best When The Access Point Is Mounted On Horizontal Surfaces Such As A Table Top Or Ceiling.

When mounting an access point on a horizontal or vertical surface, you must ensure that the access point is oriented with the led indicators pointing down (see chapter 2, “pole mount installation. Cover it with the mylar label. Mounting an access point above a suspended ceiling step 1.

This Includes All Access Points That Are Currently Joined To The Controller And Any That Join In The Future.

Note if you will be using a streetlight power tap adapter, position the access point. Gently slide the access point onto the mounting bracket keyhole slots until it clicks into place. Mounting bracket for cisco wireless access point.

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