Easy Diy Platform Bird Feeder

Easy Diy Platform Bird Feeder. Attach the feeder to a post, fill with bird seed (we use black oil sunflower seeds) and the birds will come. Ideally, you should clean your bird feeder every two weeks.

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Then you can fill the pan with birdseed or suet. Install diagonal braces from corner to. Contents [ show] 39 diy bird feeder plans you can make at home.

The Feeder Hangs From A 3/16 Diameter Plastic Coated Cable.

I originally posted the plans above to encourage people to build a simple, functional diy birdfeeder. Start by getting a bowl or dish shaped bottom to hold the birdseed. Be sure to dry the feeder thoroughly before putting it back in use.

Free Bird Feeder Plans For Platform, Hopper, Hummingbird, Suet, More.

Drill holes for screws to prevent wood from splitting. Simple bird feeders like this one, called platform feeders, are one of the most popular options for attracting backyard birds. 22) the ultimate bird feeder.

Wear Rubber Gloves To Prevent Unwanted Contamination From Bird Feces, Moldy Seeds And Other Stuff.

Mark and cut 2 pieces to attach the platform feeder to the post (6½ inches each). If you want to feed only small birds such as blue jay, house finch, mourning dove, chickadee, etc., the diy teacup feeder by the mommy moment is a good idea to learn from! Repurpose a bundt or angel food cake pan as a winter bird feeder.

A Hard Plastic Drawer Organizer Tray…

The food there and the birds feeding are visible to others flying by. To video on just how easy it is to create a platform bird feeder. Diy tea cup bird feeder | mommy moment.

Here's A Quick Diy / How To Video On Just How Easy It Is To Create A Platform Bird Feeder.

Make it really stand out by decorating and painting it. For added interest, take the other half of the orange and hang slices at varying levels to attract orioles and mockingbirds. The bottle is easy to remove and refill when emptied and the small ledge is suitable for finches, sparrows, chickadees and other tiny guests.

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