Diy Foldable Pitching Mound

Diy Foldable Pitching Mound. The pro mound is covered with 1/4 thick heavy duty rubber mat instead of the. Next, secure the caster wheels 4’’ from the corner at the bottom of that 4’ base.

DIY Portable Pitcher's Mound (Homemade Pitching Mound) You Go Pro from

Here are a few simple steps to building your own pitching mound. Attach a string to the stake and measure the string to exactly 9 ft (2.75 m). All models come with wheels.

I Decided To Remedy That By Building A Wooden Mound.

In one afternoon and for @ $125, you have constructed a portable pitching mound which will last for years and enhance the training ability of your pitching staff many fold. All models come with wheels. Cut two boards based on two sections on the slanted part.

Easy To Set Up And Roll Around!

Let me know if you have any questions! To install a pitching rubber on the flat portion of the platform, cut a 1” x 4” scrap piece of wood 18” long, paint white, center and secure with screws. Keeping the string taut, circle the mound marking the outline.

Make Each Subsequent Layer About 3 To 6 Inches Smaller In Diameter.

This should be in line with the exact center of the rubber. Now drill holes, and use bolts with lock washers and nuts, it'll be a little bit more secure than those without a lock. 6 tall portable pitching mound for youth baseball!

10 Tall Adult Size Portable Pitching Mound For High School Age And Above!

Order one today, and you won't be dissapointed! Choose an option 6 tall youth size 8 tall intermediate 10 tall adult size extra wide youth 6” tall, 40” wide and 78” long extra wide 8” tall, 40. Continue laying smaller and smaller diameter circles of mound clay on top of each other until the mound has reached the height marked on your stake in the center of the circle.

Stretch A String Tied To The Stake And Measure It Out Half Of The Diameter Of The Appropriate Pitcher’s Mound For Your Age Group.

Next, secure the caster wheels 4’’ from the corner at the bottom of that 4’ base. Cut the plywood to the size that fits the length and width of your frame. This video has the instructions and guide on how i built this awesome pitching mound!

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