Accidentally Left Lights Off During Flowering

Accidentally Left Lights Off During Flowering. Jump to content coco coir Start date nov 5, 2013;

Accidentally left lights on for about 21hrs in my flower tent. Dude Grows
Accidentally left lights on for about 21hrs in my flower tent. Dude Grows from

Accidentally left the co2 meter light on overnight. I'm about 8 weeks into flower, was moving stuff around my tent and looks like i accidentally turned off the timing function on my timer. Grow room light cycle interruptions.

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12 hours of darkness will bring it back. When the days are longer, the hormone never reaches the level which tells the plant it's time to flower. But this morning i didn't have work and accidentally slept in!

Sometimes, Things Get So Out Of Our Control That Both Of The Dark And Light Cycle Get Messed Up And Causes A Hammering Effect.

If it's just one day for 4hrs over 12hrs on, you should be alright. Heard that that’s one way to get seedie buds from hermes. Lights are scheduled to come back on in 4 hours.

If Anyone Can Advise Anything Other To Do, Please Feel Fee.

Start date nov 5, 2013; Indoor growers use light cycle manipulation to trigger cannabis plants to flower or stay in a state of vegetative growth. Accidentally left my lights off for 3 days while 2 weeks into flowering.

Cycle The Plants Are Very Forgiving.

Its a dim green led face light, but is always off until last night. End of 4th week of flowering. I'm a 100% vegan (no animal products or dairy).

The Reason Behind Is, Plants Respond More To Light Changes During Flowering.

Today i needed to go in the room to (while the lights should be off) and i discovered that they were all on. 1 of 2 go to page. Plants can have up to 14hrs of light during 12/12 and still be fine.

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